Minecrafters – download save file here

This is the world we started, feel free to explore and reinvent. Best played in creative mode, not yet set up for survival or adventure. Stay tuned though!

A self portrait taken at the homebase of our latest project – a spherical world in the sky, complete with waterfalls, lakes, trees from every biome, and stunning viewpoints.

sky world

Our portrait

I figured the only way I could make an intelligent assessment on whether Minecraft is good for my son is to play it myself. We spent the summer building this world, and having William teach me everything was a great experience for me and a huge confidence booster for him. We are proud of our world, and we discuss and brainstorm ideas on what to do in it everyday.

My suggestion to parents: get in there and play alongside your kids – it is super fun. You’ll be amazed at the kind of problem solving, inventiveness and creativity your child has been exercising. You can  easily create a server with the latest MC update using the LAN option or, you can set up a server account on Minefold.com for free. After so many hours you have to pay for each account but the cost is about $15 for 3 months.

My other suggestion should you decide to do this, is MODERATION! Schedule it, set a time to start and set a time to stop. Like all creative endeavors, you can easily lose track of time playing. On a few occasions, we had stayed up past midnight building – bad Mom! (but both of us had so much fun).

Now that school is starting, Minecraft will be taking a back seat and we’ll be limiting our play time. Did I say our play time? I meant HIS play time 🙂

This could go on and on and on forever. We could keep building this world for years. I think we’re getting close to finishing Ocean City. Next project for wmafranz is a haunted mansion filled with traps and monsters. For me, maybe an elevated village in the jungle biome or a city perhaps, with skyscrapers. This is so ridiculously fun, addictive and relaxing. Minecraft is crack.

Our newest addition: wmafranz built a real working cobblestone factory on the peninsula off the main village. On top of it sits the village lighthouse with infinitely rotating lights. He created the lights using: redstone torches, minecart, powered rails, detector rails and redstone lamps as the light source. At the top is a cozy place to sleep, replenish with food and health, weapons as well as an  awesome view of the sea and ocean city in the distance. Cobblestone factory was made with piston, redstone, water and lava.

I love our villagers.

villager love

A villager and his ocelot

With the growing village population, we now have quite a number of iron golems. This would be a good thing, except that rather than spreading out and walking around the village, they congregate in the underground entrance of the transit system, completely blocking the stairs. We had to eliminate a few, but they just spawn again – in the same place. Why?

We are currently working on our city in the sea. Our world happens to have a lot of open sea with pretty deep water in places. So far, we’ve built a VIP lounge complete with computer workstations, and undersea cafe with a curtain of water you can fish out of. We’ve provided chest full of fishing poles, of course. We are figuring out how to create predictable walls of falling water. Like I mentioned before, Minecraft water is bizarre. Here’s another discovery about  squid who always get stuck on dry land: when pushing them back to water, make sure they go head first, otherwise, they won’t swim away.


When we first played around with world edit, we removed all the stone blocks on the surface beneath without realizing it. The result – an awesome strange and bizarre cavern. We built a track through it and put a rest stop house in the middle of it, complete with beds and chests full of food, healing potions and weapons – you’ll need them if playing in survival mode. There be monsters here.